Vitamins and minerals that strengthen the Brain

The brain of a human being is an organ with a complex structure that needs many types of nutrients to keep it healthy. These essential nutrients help in making the brain strong. These essential nutrients help our brain fight the problems of aging. So, we are going to tell you today about those 6 vitamins and minerals, about which you will definitely want to be vigilant-


1- Thiamine (B1)

According to a report, B group vitamins are considered very important for brain health. Thiamine has been considered essential for the brain and nervous system. According to research, thiamine deficiency can cause severe brain-related illnesses. It is being told that this problem is seen more in patients with alcoholism and AIDS.

 2- Folic acid (B9)

Folic is also known as folates. It is mainly made in our liver. But it is also found in certain foods such as green leafy vegetables and asparagus. When someone’s liver becomes damaged, folic acid is deficient in that person. According to research, folic acid is essential for the nutrition of amino acids, which helps in healing the nervous system. Folic acid is also very helpful in the development of children.

 3- ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

This vitamin is necessary for the brain to concentrate and concentrate more. Vitamin C is easily available from citrus fruits like oranges, seasonings, and limes. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants in the body, which relieves the pain caused by oxidants in the brain. The special thing about this vitamin is that it is not stored in the body, rather it has to be taken with the deli food.

 4- Calcium

Calcium comes first in the essential minerals in the body. It is considered to be the most important element for mental health. Calcium is the only element that sends information from the brain to all parts of the body. Excess calcium deficiency in the body can damage the brain. According to research, every human being should take 90 mg of calcium daily through their food.

 5- Magnesium

Magnesium is one such essential mineral, breaking down B-class vitamins to make the brain useable. That is, no vitamin can be effective without magnesium. Research has shown that the old mice, which had adequate amounts of magnesium, have better brains and last longer. Therefore, magnesium is very important to keep the mind healthy.

 6- Zinc

Zinc is found in significant amounts in some parts of our body, especially in the forehead of the head. Due to the lack of zinc, a person is prone to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Zinc is found in significant amounts in pumpkin seeds and beef. Zinc tablets are also available in the market which you can take with the advice of a doctor

Finding out if our body is deficient of vitamins and minerals is possible through simple blood test. The test are quite affordable and measures can be taken as per the results. To book online