Lipid Panel Test- Whole Body check up in Ghaziabad.

 A lipid panel is a test that is conducted to measures fats and fatty substances which are the source of energy in the body. Lipids include cholesterol, triglycerides, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Lipids are present in our blood and they are stored in our tissues. Lipid disorders, such as high cholesterol, may cause life-threatening diseases, such as coronary artery disease, heart attack or stroke. 


Our Doctor may ask for a lipid panel test and use the results to prevent, check and diagnose a medical condition. You have to take certain precautions for preparing for a lipid panel,  you have to avoid eating 10 to 12 hours before the blood test. Do not drink liquids other than water. The panel measures:


Total cholesterol level: Knowing cholesterol levels is an essential part of understanding the risk of heart disease. The American Heart Association suggested that everyone who has passed the 20 years should get a cholesterol test. Cholesterol is a type of fat that is not bad but it can have harmful effects if it is present in excessive quantity. A result of 200 mg per deciliter (mg/dL) or less is viewed normal, 201 to 240 mg/dL is considered mild  and greater than 240 mg/dL is considered high.

Triglyceride level: High triglycerides (over 150 mg/dL)  can harm our heart and raised the risk of heart disease 

HDL cholesterol level: This is the beneficial or good cholesterol so the more HDL there is, the better. An HDL result of 60 mg/dL or higher is good as it protects us from heart disease. HDL between 40 and 59 mg/dL is acceptable and less than 40 mg/dL HDL is low, it is fatal and increases the risk of heart disease.

LDL cholesterol level: This is the bad cholesterol; this can deposit in our blood vessel walls.  LDL cholesterol and other substances blog arteries can then cause sudden blood clots, causing heart attacks. For LDL, lower is better. An LDL of less than 100 mg/dL is good. An LDL of 100 to 129 mg/dL is mild. LDL between 130 and 159 mg/dL is moderately high. LDL cholesterol over 159 mg/dL is considered very high and may cause several diseases.

If lipid test results are not desirable, the Doctor may recommend lifestyle changes to minimize heart disease risk, 


Diet.  low in saturated fat and cholesterol can lower LDL cholesterol. Including fiber and plant sterols helps as well.

Exercise. Regular aerobic exercise can lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Medication. If a good diet and proper exercise don’t reduce the cholesterol levels to goal, medical treatment also is required.  

For patients with normal lipid results, it is recommended to have lipid testing every year.  Those with abnormal test results or those with other risk factors such as diabetes or hypertension will need more frequent lipid testing.

Liver function test- Full Body Check UP in Ghaziabad

Liver function tests, also known as liver chemistries, are used to screen, detect, and monitor acute and chronic liver inflammation, infection, disease, and liver damage. LFT help to investigate the overall health of your liver by measuring the levels of proteins, liver enzymes, and bilirubin in your blood.

When to get tested?

To evaluate liver function; whenever you are at risk for liver injury; when a patient has liver disease and symptoms such as jaundice when you are taking medications that may affect your liver.

The LFT is recommended in the following situations:

To check if there are any liver damage liver infections,

To detect the side effects of certain medicines which are known to affect the liver

if the patient has liver disease, to investigate the disease and how well the treatment is working

if patient is experiencing symptoms of a liver disorder

In certain medical conditions like high triglycerides, diabetes, high blood pressure,

if the patient is alcoholic

if the patient has gallbladder disease

What type of Sample required?

A blood sample is taken from a patient arm.

Is there any test preparation required?



Liver Function Tests is a group of tests that are conducted together to detect, investigate, and monitor liver disease and damage. The liver is one of the largest and important organs in the body and is situated in the upper right-hand part of the abdomen and behind the lower ribs. The liver detoxifies drugs and substances that are injurious to the body. It produces blood clotting factors, proteins, and enzymes and helps to maintain the hormone balances, and stores vitamin and minerals. The Bile is a fluid secreted by the liver and is transported through ducts to the small intestine and helps in digesting the fats or to the gallbladder to be stored and concentrated for later use.

Some common liver function tests

Alanine transaminase (ALT) test

Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) test

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test

Albumin test

Bilirubin test

Get accurate pathology test result with renowned source

Many times we get confused about pathology lab as there are so many you can find in your area but when it comes to accurate result trust only pathology lab in Noida.

Collection of samples

The patient can be you yourself or can be your family member, who is really ill to reach out of the pathological lab by himself. Hence, what you need is the collection making agent at your residence. Not all the labs do provide such service, but this is something g that is very much essential to be checked and you must not take it casually. They will be abiding by the timing that has been recommended to you by your doctor for the collection of samples and other things. Hence, check out all those features, before you reach out any of the pathology Slabs in greater Noida.

Few other checks out features

Apart from the major three things that are stated above, there are some of the other things too, that are to be checked out, while you are appointing some pathological labs for your diagnosis. Here is the checklist of them to be considered as standard –

Preference of the doctors – not all pathological labs are recommended by the doctors as not all are correct report generators and hence you must go through a consultation with the doctor about the choice of the lab for your further diagnosis.

Timing of report generation – This is another thing where not everyone does maintain a standard timing. Hence, check that out too, before you allow them to collect the samples from you.

Pricing and pay modes – This is the last thing to be considered and the most important though. It is the part that is going to bother you the most too. Hence, take a look at the price charts and not of one lab, but some more labs around you, of the best standards. Now make a comparison between them to select the one which is ideal for you.

How to choose the best Pathology Lab for your diagnosis ?

Whenever you go to some doctor, for the diagnosis part, they recommend some tests, most of which are covered at the pathology lab. However, you feel the dilemma to choose the right lab for your tests since they are in numbers. Now, the question is which one to choose for your tests. The best solution cannot be mentioned in a word. You can get the best result with the pathology lab in Noida.

Check out the Coverage

The first thing is that you will have to choose such a lab where all your tests can be conducted. Going to one lab for one test and to the other one for another test is really hectic and that should have to be avoided. So, find a pamphlet explaining the service that is provided by the particular lab or can also get through the online portals and check the whereabouts of the lab. This will help you make your decision easier with pathology lab in vaishali. It is important to contact someone known and reliable when it comes to taking a pathology test. Make the right decision and select the best pathology lab to get your test done.

Doctors involved

The lab is not only going to collect your blood sample or urine or stool samples. Along with the collection of the samples, they would be conducting tests on them and will be making a justified conclusion that is going to put aid to your diagnosis. Hence, there is quite a need to check out the doctors that are involved with the treatment. It is the doctor, who will be making the tests and will be recommending the conclusions and hence the presence of reputed or good doctors with the pathological lab is very much essential.  the pathology lab in greater Noida is renowned to provide an accurate result without any delay.


Complete Blood Test- For Better Health

A complete blood count is a blood test used to asses our complete health and detects various disorders, including anemia, infection, micronutrients deficiency. Blood tests can be performed to see how well body organs are working or to see how well treatments for the disease are going on. after collection of the blood sample, it will b sent to a lab for testing, for better evaluation of the blood sample you have to visit Best Pathology Lab near you. you will get complete blood count report within 24 hours at you Mail hard copy can be collected from blood collection center. Your care provider will be able to talk to you about your results.

The complete blood count blood test used to evaluate a person’s overall health. A doctor can order complete blood count as a routine checkup or when a person is having problems such as tiredness, fatigue, bleeding or infection or pain in various parts of the body.

Why complete Blood count is get tested ?

To find the overall health status of a person and to find various disorders, such as anemia and infection, nutritional deficiencies and exposure to harmful substances

What type of Sample is required for complete blood count?

A blood sample is taken from a vein in the arm or from a finger and from heel-prick for newborns.

How Should be Prepared for a CBC?

In many tests, the sample is taken in the empty stomach so make sure whether the sample will be collected in empty stomach or it will be taken after the meal.

You should wear a T-shirt or short-sleeved shirt for the blood test because it is easier to take the blood sample in T-shirts or half sleeve shirts.

How Is a CBC Done?

Usually, in CBC blood tests a small amount of blood from a vein is taken. Skin will be cleaned before the blood sample is taken
An elastic band is put above the area so that the veins swelled with blood after that a needle is inserted into a vein. after that sample is pulled
into a syringe and elastic band and needle is removed from the vein
In babies, the blood sample is taken from heel After cleaning the heel, the health professional will prick your baby’s heel with a small needle to collect a blood sample of blood.