Preventive Health Checkup – why are these important

We are leaving the life on a fast lane rushing from one thing to another without proper diet, sleep, rest etc. Prolonged abuse of our body system develops into diseases entailing later stage health complications. It is vital to keep a tab on one’s health. Health issues arise gradually over a period of time. Preventive Health Checkup can find the health problem early and the odds of treatment/ cure are better in the early stage. Preventive Health Checkup is one of the ways to ensure one does not spend a fortune for a disease. Cost of medical treatment in the early phase is much lesser than that in the advanced stage. Timely health check raises an early alarm to modify one’s lifestyle.

Simple routine blood test – like sugar, lipid profile (Cholesterol), Liver Function, Kidney Function, Complete Blood Count, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 etc are very effective in understanding one’s body system and take measures. These days Blood test can be easily done at the comfort of one’s homes at a convenient time. Due to economies of scale, these are quite affordable too. To book a blood test please click here.

Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile

Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile is a panel of blood test used to screen level of cholesterol (good/bad) in the blood. Cholesterol is kind of fat which in moderation is good but is bad if in excess. Bad Cholesterol (Fat) can clog arteries developing heart disease. Good Cholesterol protects from heart disease.
One should get cholesterol levels checked regularly to avoid any late surprises. Early detection can be tackled by modifying lifestyle or by medication (as advised by the Doctors).

Types of Lipids / Cholesterols
1) Total Cholesterol – the total amount of cholesterol
2) LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) – Bad Cholesterol.
3) HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) – Good Cholesterol.
4) Triglycerides – Excess calories stored in fat cells.

Steps to improve / lower Blood Cholesterol
1) Avoid smoking
2) Avoid junk food (high fat / high sodium).
3) Having a balanced diet (vegetable, whole grain, low-fat milk (and products))
4) Regular work-out

An elevated level of cholesterol is manageable if one is keeping a tab on the level and is taking steps in the right direction (better lifestyle/medication).

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Small steps to take care of Heart

Heart pumps blood providing oxygen to all the parts of the body. Strong and healthy heart is the key of happy and healthy living. There are small but useful steps which strengthen the heart. Smoking is not good for body and must be curtailed for a healthy living. Alcohol if taken should be taken in moderation. Activity – any physical activity – brisk walk, cycling, working out , yoga is very useful for heart and body. It strengthens the heart. Healthy and balanced diet with fibers is the key for good heart. Saturated/ trans fats increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body and can clog the arteries. Excess intake of salt may cause variation in blood pressure and must be curtailed. Sleeping a sound sleep as per one’s body requirement is very important. Diabetic and people with genetic issue should take extra care. One must get regular test to keep a tab on vital health parameters. Sugar, Lipid (cholesterol) etc.