Important Blood Tests One Should Have

Our blood can tell us lots of things about our health. Depending on our age, gender, and any specific symptoms and any health conditions we might have, Our doctor will choose specific blood tests to help determine how best to care for us. Although two patients are not the same, there are several blood tests that are common and most important for everyone to get.

Complete blood count (CBC)

CBC is one of the important blood tests it is used to investigate overall health and a wide range of disorders. CBC gives Doctors and other healthcare experts an overview of things like how well your body is working,

Lipid panel

This test is used to determine the risk of heart disease, this test measures total cholesterol LDL(bad) Cholesterol, HDL ( good) Cholesterol and triglycerides. 12 hours fasting is required for Lipid  panel test


Blood glucose test

This test also needs fasting and measures the amount of sugar — in this case, glucose — that is stored in your body. It is used to determine how efficiently your body is managing sugar. This test helps your doctor determine if the patients have diabetes or not.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test

 Thyroid problems are hard to diagnose A healthy thyroid is very good for metabolism.  there are no specific symptoms that can help to diagnose Thyroid, but you can start with TSH level. By measuring the level of TSH in your blood, your doctor can see whether the amount of this hormone your thyroid secretes is too high, too low, or just right. The level of TSH in our blood determines how fine our thyroid is functioning and whether your metabolism is working too fast or too slow, causing symptoms like mood swings and abnormal heart rhythms.