Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile

Lipid (Cholesterol) Profile is a panel of blood test used to screen level of cholesterol (good/bad) in the blood. Cholesterol is kind of fat which in moderation is good but is bad if in excess. Bad Cholesterol (Fat) can clog arteries developing heart disease. Good Cholesterol protects from heart disease.
One should get cholesterol levels checked regularly to avoid any late surprises. Early detection can be tackled by modifying lifestyle or by medication (as advised by the Doctors).

Types of Lipids / Cholesterols
1) Total Cholesterol – the total amount of cholesterol
2) LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) – Bad Cholesterol.
3) HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) – Good Cholesterol.
4) Triglycerides – Excess calories stored in fat cells.

Steps to improve / lower Blood Cholesterol
1) Avoid smoking
2) Avoid junk food (high fat / high sodium).
3) Having a balanced diet (vegetable, whole grain, low-fat milk (and products))
4) Regular work-out

An elevated level of cholesterol is manageable if one is keeping a tab on the level and is taking steps in the right direction (better lifestyle/medication).

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