Complete Blood Test- For Better Health

A complete blood count is a blood test used to asses our complete health and detects various disorders, including anemia, infection, micronutrients deficiency. Blood tests can be performed to see how well body organs are working or to see how well treatments for the disease are going on. after collection of the blood sample, it will b sent to a lab for testing, for better evaluation of the blood sample you have to visit Best Pathology Lab near you. you will get complete blood count report within 24 hours at you Mail hard copy can be collected from blood collection center. Your care provider will be able to talk to you about your results.

The complete blood count blood test used to evaluate a person’s overall health. A doctor can order complete blood count as a routine checkup or when a person is having problems such as tiredness, fatigue, bleeding or infection or pain in various parts of the body.

Why complete Blood count is get tested ?

To find the overall health status of a person and to find various disorders, such as anemia and infection, nutritional deficiencies and exposure to harmful substances

What type of Sample is required for complete blood count?

A blood sample is taken from a vein in the arm or from a finger and from heel-prick for newborns.

How Should be Prepared for a CBC?

In many tests, the sample is taken in the empty stomach so make sure whether the sample will be collected in empty stomach or it will be taken after the meal.

You should wear a T-shirt or short-sleeved shirt for the blood test because it is easier to take the blood sample in T-shirts or half sleeve shirts.

How Is a CBC Done?

Usually, in CBC blood tests a small amount of blood from a vein is taken. Skin will be cleaned before the blood sample is taken
An elastic band is put above the area so that the veins swelled with blood after that a needle is inserted into a vein. after that sample is pulled
into a syringe and elastic band and needle is removed from the vein
In babies, the blood sample is taken from heel After cleaning the heel, the health professional will prick your baby’s heel with a small needle to collect a blood sample of blood.