Swine Flu Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Swine flu is a viral fever caused by a virus called H1N1. It initially appears like a normal fever. Viruses of this fever originate from the body of pigs and spread rapidly from one person to another.

Causes of swine flu

swine flu is spread by the swine flu influenza virus which usually infects only pigs. It does not spread directly from animals to humans but it spreads from one person to another. The swine flu virus is more likely to spread if pork is not cooked properly. Apart from this, the disease is also spread through saliva and mucus of the mouth. The virus is also spread by sneezing, sputum in the throat, spitting and touching the infected area of germs with your hand and then touching the eye and nose with the same hand.

Symptoms of swine flu

The initial symptoms of swine flu are similar to regular fever. The main symptoms of swine flu are-




Sore throat

Runny or stuffy nose

Body ache



Nausea and vomiting

Treatment of swine flu

In most cases of Swine flu, mediation is not necessary Initially, the victim should pay special attention to reduce the symptoms of swine flu and avoid spreading the H1N1 virus to another person. But when the infection of the virus is increased in the body, then one should immediately go to the doctor.

For the treatment of swine flu, it is advisable to take two antiviral drugs called oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza). Because these drugs act as a deterrent to stop the swine flu virus from growing. These medicines are given to patients suffering from swine flu, who are more likely to spread the virus in the body. Apart from this, the body of people who are healthy can easily fight against swine flu infection. Swine flu can also be avoided by taking some other precautions.

The best way to prevent swine flu is to get vaccinated every year to prevent fever infection. Apart from this, there are some ways to avoid swine flu.

Ways to Avoid Swine Flu

Wash hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash before drinking.

Do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose without cleaning hands.

Do not get out of the house if you are ill.

Avoid getting up in the air during swine flu season. Visit our test Details