How to get rid of vitamin D deficiency ?

Vitamin D deficiency and its problems are increasing rapidly, especially in cities. The reason, people do not take sunlight. This causes vitamin D deficiency and various problems in the body. The problem is that most people are not aware of the significance of Vitamin D

Why is vitamin D important?

For strengthening bones, muscles, and ligaments

To increase the immunity of the body

To control the coordination of nerves and muscles

To prevent inflammation and infection

To reduce the risk of kidney, lung, liver and heart diseases

To help prevent cancer

Problems due to scarcity

Weak and hollow bones

The weakness of joints and muscles

Pain in the waist and lower parts of the body, especially in the calf

Bone sound

Reduced immunity

Hair fall

Be very tired and lethargic

Be restless and short-tempered

Increased infertility

Irregular Periods

Diseases like osteoporosis (bone hollowing) and osteomalacia (bone weakening)

Frequent fracturing

How much vitamin D is needed?

Vitamin D should be 50 ng / mL or more in any healthy person. Although there is a normal range between 20 to 50 ng / mL, doctors consider 50 as the best. If the level is less than 25, vitamin D supplements must be taken with the advice of the doctor.

Test and treatment:

If there is a pain in bones or muscles, do a ’25-hydroxy vitamin D’ blood test. It is also called the ‘Vitamin D Deficiency Test’. If there is no pain in the body, then this test can be done. If the level is too low, you can do it again after six months or a year.

Price: around 1200-1300 rupees


6 lakh IU (International Unit) is given to children at a time to meet vitamin D deficiency. It is also given multiple times via injection. Then 60,000 units are given every week and 60,000 units every month till the normal range comes, which is given orli.

Elders are given 12 lakh IU (International Unit) at a time. Then for the first three months, 60,000 units are given every week and then once every month 60,000 units are given.

If not exposed to sunlight, a sachet should be taken every month after the age of 25-30 years.

Most experts believe that everyone should take vitamin D dose without conducting this test and without the advice of the doctor because it is not fulfilled by eating and most people are deficient in it.

There is no harm to taking sachets once a month. One sachet fulfills a month’s vitamin D quota. Its price is also up to 25-30 rupees, that is, not too expensive. Visit: